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Why Use a Traditional Window Cleaner

TickAll windows are left clean and dry with any dirty water wiped away

The traditional method of window cleaning is by far the best clean way of cleaning. We apply a cleaning solution to the window with an applicator, clean it off manually with the use of a squeegee and then wipe down the window sill and edges with a clean cloth leaving a perfectly clean window every time.

TickBy choice, you may prefer it to a water-fed pole system

With the use of trailing hoses that can sometimes damage property and brush heads that can sometimes leave scuff marks, some customers feel that the water-fed pole system is not the right solution for them. You may also have specialised windows, such as traditional, leaded or stained glass windows, that are very delicate and not particularly water tight. As a result, a traditional window cleaner's methods are a less risky and more effective solution for cleaning these kind of windows.

TickAn instant clean finish - inside or outside

If you are a business or domestic property and your windows are all ground or first floor then we would recommend the traditional method of cleaning, as this will leave a perfect spot free finish every time and your windows are left dry. We use the same method for all our internal cleaning work as the windows are a lot more accessible from the inside and a perfect cleaning finish is usually always guaranteed.

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